Sales Fairy Gift Bags, Handmade in America

Jewelry Bags, Paper, Handmade Set of 48, 5 x 8


Jewelry Bags, Paper, Handmade Set of 48, 5 x 8


Here's a set of 48 handmade jewelry bags for your craft shows or orders. Made from salvaged paper and hand stamped with an angel/sales fairy.

Bags measure 5 x 8 inches.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I print many reports at work each day and a large portion of what prints is not used. It was going into a recycle box and then I saw that they were throwing it away. I couldn't have that! I cut the printed portion off and use the balance to make the small jewelry bags.

Materials Used

Paper, glue, ink

More Info

I have many other bag sets listed. Some are stamped, some are plain and I even have one set of embellished bags listed.

You can order your custom bags.

Angel/Sales Fairy Bags "Handmade"

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Paper bags

Size: Medium

Pattern: Sales Fairy, angel

Color: White