Raven gift bags

Jewelry Bags, Soap Bags, 13 "Old Crow Brand",Tea Stained


Jewelry Bags, Soap Bags, 13 "Old Crow Brand",Tea Stained T001


Here is a cool set of "Old Crow Brand" jewelry, soap or gift bags.

Handmade, hand stenciled, heat set and strung with drawstring ties.

Colors on bags vary according to how much tea they absorbed in the staining process. Love the look, as they look "old".

8.5" tall x 5.5" wide

Made from a recycled sheet

There is another set of larger tea stained bags listed and also some that have not been tea stained.

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

As always, recycling. I had made many of these stenciled bags before and when I thought of what I could make with this worn white sheet, I thought "stencil them"!

Materials Used

Recycled sheet, acrylic paint, iron, yarn, thread and a lot of sewing!

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Cotton fabric, acrylic paint, thread, ayrn

Size: Large

Pattern: Crow, raven, star

Color: Tea Stain