Jewelry Bags, "Old Crow Brand", Raven, Handmade Set of 15

Jewelry Bags, Old Crow Brand, Handmade Set of 15


Jewelry Bags, Old Crow Brand, Handmade Set of 15


This cute set of handmade jewelry bags or soap bags are perfect for any shop using the name "Crow" or "Raven". Packing your items with a personal touch! Even have had them ordered for a wedding shower!

They have been handmade from a well worn white sheet. The fabric has rust spots on it which add to the character of the bags.

Approximately 8" x 7"

All have a drawstring closure from acrylic tarn.

This listing is for a set of 15 bags.

I have one of the white available and another set of 26, tea stained bags

Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

This sheet was used in one of my boxes sent to me from my parents estate. It was there to protect things from breaking. I being the huge recycler I am, I had to use it!

I have this wonderful stencil that I use from time to time and thought these will look like vintage drawstring bags.

Materials Used

cotton fabric, acrylic paint, thread, yarn

More Info

Labor intensive item.
Process in making
The fabric had to be
heat set (ironed)
sewn into bags with guide for drawstring
Drawstring thread through guide.

Product Attributes

Primary Material: Cotton, acrylic paint, thread, yarn

Size: Medium

Pattern: Crow, raven, star

Color: White